Your Needs


Whether you are an employer group of 2 or 2,000+ we understand that there is not a one-size fits all benefit program. We consider your needs from the start. And here are some of the most common issues that you need to consider before implementing or changing an existing benefit program:

Do I have a reputable consultant working on my behalf?

As a general agency with all the major carriers in Western PA we have the direct access necessary to negotiate rates.

What doctors and hospitals are important to you? And will a change in the benefit plan cause disruption for myself or my employees?

We will work with you to make sure that any program you select will meet your specific needs but not force you to change your doctors.

Are there any advantages to sponsoring a group health plan?

Not only will you be enhancing your employees overall compensation, as an employer you will benefit from the tax advantages of offering and contributing toward a group health plan.


If you are healthy and either recently graduated from college, lost your job or medical benefits for any reason, we have a multitude of medically underwritten medical programs available for your individual needs. We will work with you to determine the right program that would suit the needs & budget for you and your family.